LIVE TO EAT: Food & Dining (Vol. 65; Fall 2019) is on the street, so check out my profile of Bourbons Bistro.


I’ve been contributing quarterly beer columns to Food & Dining for most of the mag’s existence. The past few years publisher John Carlos White has guided me into longer-form pieces like the profile of Bourbons Bistro in the new issue, and as of July, I’ve had the title of digital editor, charged with creating short news items at the website.

Even better, Marty Rosen is now on board.

I’ve been writing for Food & Dining off and on since the first issue.

With this issue, I rejoin the magazine as editor.

From the beginning, publisher John Carlos White envisioned a magazine that would cover Louisville Metro’s vibrant culinary scene with outstanding literary and visual storytelling. F&D continues to do exactly that, and continues to thrive in an era that has not been easy for journalism.

In short, we have a fine team. Check out the latest and let me know what you think. Hard copies should be available in their usual locations (Pints&union will have a stack), and don’t forget they’re free.