Look, ma, CM Greg Phipps’ favorite mayor ever vetoed the fireworks ordinance.


As predicted, Mayor Deafley “Slick Jeffie” Gahan announced his veto (sorry, Susie, no capital ‘V’ on veto) of the city council’s recent tepid fireworks ordinance in an insulting and poorly worded post at Payhan’s propaganda site.

Weddings, birthdays and holidays … and the time Gahan bulldozes a homeless encampment?

I hereby Veto recent action by the city council to ban legal fireworks in New Albany.

The proposed ban would limit the use of fireworks to only 4.5 days (107 hours) per year, without first obtaining a government permit.

The 5-4 split council vote to ban legal fireworks is an intrusion into the private lives of our citizens and could silence the joy of many important occasions, like weddings, birthdays, and holidays.

As written, the proposed ordinance is impossible to enforce and introduces confusion between New Albany police officers and the people of New Albany.

Indiana State Law has already addressed the use of fireworks in IC 22-11-14.


Limiting fireworks is the easy part. Enforcement is New Albany’s traditional Achilles heel.