Good luck to Jason Thomas, who is leaving the News and Tribune to join Business First as managing editor.


During Jason Thomas’s time at the News and Tribune, we often agreed, although there were a few spirited disagreements. It’s even possible that I was in the wrong on occasion, but no more than once or twice.

Jason always listened, always engaged, and always replied. I respect the hell out of these traits because they’re rare hereabouts, and while I wish him all the best at Business First, his departure is a blow to local journalism in our neck of the woods.

The ranks of quality are thinning, and Bill Hanson isn’t exactly improving — something I reminded him about earlier today.

ON THE AVENUES: Welcome to “Pagan Life,” a weekly column devoted to heathens, infidels, idolaters, atheists, non-theists, irreligious people, agnostics, skeptics, heretics and apostates.

Good luck to Jason Thomas in all his future endeavors in journalism. He’s a classy guy, and we need more like him.