Gahan eats a Danish, installs campaign finance-themed pedestrian crossing signals.


The Green Mouse received a link from a friend: Danish city installs Viking-themed pedestrian crossing signals (text below). What happened next was very predictable.

It’s 2:00 a.m., and a phone rings near Main Street, muffled by the ornamental grasses in a nearby median.

“See here, Rosenbarger. This Viking crosswalk light thingy has potential. Didn’t the Vikings raid and pillage everywhere they went? That’s some really good shit, but $150 to convert the lights? Say what? How do those Danish mayors get their families to Disney World twice a year on $150? Look, some of our Special Friends can do these for at least $500 each, although you need to make sure we’re getting the volume warehouse discount for $100 actual cost, then we can convert every light in the city and put those cute anchors on them — wait, that’s no fun, how about my FACE on each one?

“HAH! That Chowchewsku guy never managed THAT, did he?”

Now for the straight dope.

Danish city installs Viking-themed pedestrian crossing signals

Aug. 26 (UPI) — A city in Denmark is celebrating its Viking heritage by replacing the crosswalk signal lights with the images of the historic Scandinavian warriors.

The city of Aarhus, which was founded by Vikings in the 8th century, unveiled the first of the Viking-themed crossing signals Monday. The city is planning to install the lights at 17 crossings in the city.

Buenyamin Simsek, a councilor in the Aarhus city planning department, pitched the scheme early in the year and the Moesgaard Museum, located just outside of the city, teamed up with officials to bring the idea to fruition.

Officials said each walking signal costs about $150 to convert.