Elections are coming, so participate in the Municipal Digital Forum at The Aggregate.


Here’s the lowdown in their own words.

Municipal Digital Forum

We are a little under three months away from Southern Indiana’s Municipal Elections (held on November 5th) and ideas, plans, and details have not yet been highlighted or announced by many candidates from either political party. We hope this will be a way for them to do so.

In an effort to make information more accessible and to ensure that voters know where the candidates stand on the issues of the day, The Aggregate News is hosting a Digital Forum.

Candidates from across Southern Indiana are encouraged to answer the questions we ask in this Google Form. From there, we will create a guidebook for anyone to access on our site for free.

In addition to asking candidates for more information and direct answers to our questions, we will also be conducting an informal survey (not a scientific poll) of Southern Indiana voters, you can fill out the information in this Google Form.

We will be looking for common threads, areas of bipartisan agreement, and suggested solutions to problems from voters and candidates alike. From there, we’ll do some digging and offer thoughtful analysis and investigative reporting on the results.

We hope you’ll join us in making information more accessible across our region!

For candidates and businesses who may wish to advertise on the candidate guide, fill out this form.

Forms will be closed on September 20th at midnight.