GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Sources suggest the farmers market is a likely location for the fork in the road’s resurrection.


It’s a measure of the aesthetic incomprehension with which Slick Jeffrie views reality that when surveying the landscape for place to hide the captive sculpture “Fork in the Road,” he ignores the original placement at a “fork” in the median owing to the pressing need to provide even more space for cars, concentrates instead on the cheese platform, and concludes it must be placed at the farmers market because literal-mindedness is what the Union of Simplistic Politicos requires of members whose dues are paid by the likes of HWC.

All this assumes the popular piece of public art wasn’t been dashed to kindling during the course of a hurried dismantlement in March to make way for Deaf Gahan’s “Arc de Pay Up Suckers.”

Okay, so the Green Mouse did not obtain this information. I simply asked Tonya Fischer at this morning’s merchant meeting, and she told the attendees that her understanding is the farmers market as a site for relocation.

Back to your midday martinis, those yummy concoctions necessary to survive the appalling philistinism of Democratic Party ruling elites hereabouts.

The Fork (and Cheese) in the Road has not been seen because Jeff Gahan is holding it hostage until someone gives him more campaign finance gravy.