Shock waves at the golf course as Gahan fines Grant Line Road contractor for failure to make campaign donations on time.


(update — late this afternoon The Hanson Sermonizer confirmed that E & B Paving is taking the hit, as surmised below)

Every project in the city is late, and SOMEONE has to take the blame — because you know damn good and well John Rosenbarger isn’t going to take a sword for anyone or anything save his own massive ego — and probably not even that.

I suppose the master coordinating contractor for the Grant Line Road project is the one regularly reporting to BOW. That’s (gasp) Jacobi Toombs Lanz — Gahan’s top all-time campaign finance contributor (for the Mt. Tabor project, United Consulting, and for Slate Run Road, Beam Longest Neff, both among the upper echelon of Gahan’s political patronage pay-to-play elves).

However, it’s hard to fathom significant fines being dispatched to the privileged heights of Jorge Lanz. Other contractors working on the Grant Line project include Dan Cristiani and E & B Paving. The latter is a company from Anderson IN with no known record of contributing to Dear Leader’s re-enthronement — although we won’t see another contribution report until October.

Funny that the city doesn’t identify the contractor. How are we to know it isn’t yet another in a long series of bogus facts uttered by Gahan’s re-election team?

The contractor completing the Grant Line Road Improvement Project is currently being fined by the city $3000 per day for failing to meet the scheduled completion date.

The contractual date for completion of the project was June 18, 2019. Beginning June 19, the city has fined the contractor $3000 per day for failing to complete the project, per contractual agreements. Starting August 18th, if the project is still not completed, fines are increased to $5000/day.

Since these fines have been initiated, the city has seen increased activity from the contractor and crews along Grant Line Road.

“We will continue to insist on a timely completion of the work, and ensure that the work is of the highest quality,” stated Mayor Jeff Gahan.


  1. Isn't this a 80/20 project with INDOT?
    If it is the Mayor is talking out his ass. First INDOT would be the one who finds them. INDOT would had been having at the least, monthly meeting with the city and the contractor. INDOT would know the schedule. In cases when I wa as involved in INDOT projects they kept up with the contractor. They, INDOT would alway let the finish date slip, the contractor would keep track of weather and other issues so dates would always slip. The last thing INDOT wanted to do was fine a contractor. If this is an 80/20 someone should call Seymour to get the real story. The mayor can't fine them, INDOT would do it for N.A.

  2. About an hour after this post the newspaper reported that E & B is indeed the perp, and INDOT is in fact doing the fining.