City council has no jurisdiction over “extreme” fighting events, according to The Aggregate.


Previously NA Confidential made mention of the promoter’s criminal neglect.

Egg on City Hall’s face yet again as fly-by-night rasslers exchange body fluids in Vinod Gupta’s building.

Here’s the rest of the story.

City Council Makes Decision on Extreme Fighting, by Marty Miller (The Aggregate)

 … At the Council meeting on Monday, August 5, after a long work session, they got around to discussing their findings and possible solutions. Their answers may not be satisfactory to those residents who wanted something done about this type of event, but the truth is that the City Council can’t do anything about it. Other than zoning regulations that already exist, the City Council is actually legally preempted from regulating athletic events that are already under the jurisdiction of the Indiana State Gaming Commission. This means that the local government cannot impose any regulations, restrictions, or otherwise inhibit properly licensed events.

However, there may also be some good news for those concerned about public safety. Trainwreck informed us that they were no longer operating in New Albany. More generally speaking, the Indiana Gaming Commission has a fairly cut and dry policy when it comes to fighting events. Their ordinance states, “no boxing, sparring, or unarmed combat match or exhibition, except as provided in this chapter, may be held or conducted within Indiana except under a license and permit issued by the commission.” Therefore, regardless of the nature of these events, if they do not possess a permit then they can and will be prosecuted under specified sections of Indiana criminal law …