Momma recommends Chicago City Pizza, coming soon to 2601 Charlestown Road.


A reader writes:

“I noticed a new pizza place scheduled to open on Charlestown Road next to the BP across the street from where the old Kroger used to be. Didn’t know if you had any info or were planning a post about it?”

I know very little, but the following social media posts may help make things clearer. It’s to be called Chicago City Pizza at 2601 Charlestown Road across from Colonial Manor.

I drove past today and as our reader observed, there was a sign in the window reading “coming September” or some such. Here’s the back story (of sorts):

Momma’s Pizza in Jeffersonville closed in late June, evidently owing to health problems suffered by the restaurant’s namesake. It isn’t entirely clearly whether Chicago City Pizza is entirely new ownership at a new location in New Albany, or a member of the same family that owned Momma’s Pizza, and in the end this isn’t particularly relevant, which is why I’ll never be hired by Business First.

Just know that if you were a fan of Momma’s, Chicago City Pizza might be worth checking into once they’re up and running — and, the eatery’s advent is a good thing for the area around Colonial Manor.