It would be nice if the newspaper paid close enough attention to get details correct, like how long we’ve been waiting for River Run financials.


“Council members also asked Gibson to provide a breakdown of 2018 revenue and costs associated with the River Run Family Water Park.”

If memory serves, the first such request for River Run financials came in 2016, one year after the water park opened just in the nick of time to serve as campaign prop for the mayor in 2015.

Team Gahan refused to divulge these numbers then, and has continued to do so ever since.

Surely the reporter Morris knows this by now; just as surely his superiors at the News and Evangelbune are aware that Jeff Gahan’s penchant for secrecy means that his minions routinely ignore information requests or purposefully distort answers on the rare occasions that they take such requests seriously.

But Morris is obsessed by sports, and Susan Duncan my Facebook memes, and Bill Hanson with turning over the editorial page to Tom May.

And, consequently, none of them give a damn.

New Albany City Council begins budget process (Morris; Tome May’s Bluespaper)

City employees expected to get 2 percent raise

NEW ALBANY — The New Albany City Council held a 2020 budget workshop Monday to get preliminary revenue numbers and budgets from various city departments. Another workshop, which will deal with police, fire and parks department budgets, will be held at 5 p.m. Aug. 15 before the next council meeting.

The 2020 general fund revenue is expected to be around $28 million, according to city attorney Shane Gibson. He told council members he will have riverboat and Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) revenue projections at the Aug. 15 work session.

Gibson went through several city department budgets with the council members which included: mayor, city controller, city clerk, city attorney, flood control, building, motor vehicle/local roads and streets and weights and measures during the workshop …

How much does the mayoral fixer Gibson earn yearly, anyway? They won’t ever tell us that, either.