Gahan’s violence against the homeless dominates NA Confidential’s Top Ten list of posts for July, 2019.

The Democratic Party’s raging
self-delusion was a hot topic in July.

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For July there are five honorable mention followed by the top ten posts, in ascending order.



It’s the morning after the Sherman Minton Bridge meeting, and Alka-Seltzer isn’t helping Dear Leader’s mood.


DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party chairman releases stunning statement about Gahan’s violent homeless encampment takedown today — and more on our Dear Leader’s drumpf envy.

For the real poop, read the Courier-Journal: After 3-day delay, New Albany tears down secluded homeless camp.

For the self-serving bullshit, read Jeff Gahan’s re-election page: But the beautiful people all love me dearly.


There won’t be any new restaurants in New Albany this week.

Thanks for indulging this test of NA Confidential’s theory that any post explicitly mentioning restaurants or food in the title can be relied upon to quintuple the views of the ones that don’t.


Jimmy’s Music Center has a new owner and will become Kentuckiana Music Center in a new location.

We were out of town when Anna Blanton announced the purchase of Jimmy’s Music Center and a forthcoming move to the corner of Pearl and Elm opposite Harvest Homecoming’s headquarters, which many of us remember as the space that never housed the cider bar.


One fine anniversary evening at Brooklyn and The Butcher.



This just in: “Insider Louisville to cease publishing on August 7.”

“It is a sad day for the Insider Louisville team as well as its dedicated board to report that the nonprofit’s last day of publication is Aug. 7, 2019.”


Gahan’s boom that crashed: “Quite the tab (for taxpayers) for making vulnerable people’s lives harder.”


Sherman Minton Bridge leadership litmus test as Mark Seabrook stays for the entire meeting, while Jeff Gahan lasts seven whole minutes.

As more than one onlooker confirmed, evidently one glance of 125 persons milling around the third floor ballroom caused Gahan’s agoraphobia to kick in with a vengeance, and he turned tail and skedaddled, terrified of an unscripted setting in an enclosed space amid uncontrollable people. Probably there exists medication for this condition, maybe even marijuana-laced Rice Krispies Treats with a Kool-Aid chaser, although first the patient must concede to being ill.


Sherman Minton Bridge refurbishment: “Construction is scheduled to start in early 2021 and take two to three years.”

All we can do at this point is humbly beseech Horseshoe/Caesar/Whatever the multi-national gaming entity is calling itself this decade to help save us from a total shutdown.


The Harvest Homecoming Parade has a new starting time of 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 5.

I’m told the reasoning for the later starting time is to encourage parade participation (iffy) and to provide a natural segue into evening dining hours for participants and spectators alike in the hope they’ll roam downtown (entirely possible). It seems like a good idea to me. Should we still begin porchside drinking at 10:00 a.m. or wait until 1:00 p.m.?


Three eyewitness viewpoints as Governor Holcomb stumps for Mark Seabrook.

Following are three perspectives of last night’s Mark Seabrook for Mayor fundraiser at the Calumet Club, written by Josh Turner, Dale Bagshaw and Nick Vaughn.


Fresh eatery in New Albany: El Rico Taco is now open in Destinations Booksellers.

El Rico Taco is open for business at 604 East Spring Street, taking over the cafe space in the rear where Taco Steve formerly operated. But pay heed: El Rico Taco is a different cut of cloth.


Bartender sez: “I don’t always enjoy telling people they can’t have the drink they’ve asked me for, but when I do, it’s because someone ordered an Irish car bomb.”

Or maybe it should be renamed: “Hey, sweetheart, can I have one of those I’m a Culturally Illiterate American Cocktails?” No, it isn’t St. Patrick’s Day, although it’s never too late to learn something.


Exit 0’s Paul Stensrud pulls zero punches v.v. Gahan’s violence against the homeless: “In order for things to change there needs to be a change of hands within local government.”

Watch the video, and ponder the true nature of Gahan’s “compassion.” Has a single ranking Democrat spoken publicly about the housing camp demolition?

4,283 (posted at Facebook only)
New Albany Democrats heartily applaud as Jeff Gahan sends in the bulldozers to demolish a homeless camp. 

Hmm, where are the voices of the progressive social justice advocates who idolize the mayor? Seems all we’re hearing is cowardly static. Thanks to Marty Miller of The Aggregate for this photo.