Yet again gripped with nostalgia, we remember Gahan’s hilarious Great Street Piano Meltdown of 2015.


You’ll recall the Board of Public Works and Safety as an entity twisted these past eight years to primarily administer Jeff Gahan’s political patronage network. Today is the fourth anniversary of the bored’s idiotically delayed decision to allow the existence of a street piano downtown.

The belated dedication ceremony for the street piano that produced so much labored consternation in the Down Low Bunker took place on September 5, 2015.

Shouldn’t Street Piano Day be a civic holiday? Just swipe your card to help the veneer king serve as mayor for life and YOU can play, too.

The following was originally published in 2016. Spoiler alert: In the three years since, Gahan’s megalomania has only gotten worse.

An omen is an event regarded as a portent of good or evil, and sometimes both.

This morning it dawned on me that I have failed to receive the weekly e-mail agenda of the Board of Public Works and Safety’s Tuesday meeting.

No doubt this is a providential omen, freeing me from the crushing burden of observing the bureaucracy of local infrastructure, and suggesting that I make better different use of my time this morning.

Keep the questions coming. Meanwhile, let’s take a fond look back to last year, and the Bored’s bumbling performance in the legendary case of the New Albany Street Piano.

The following three posts include most of the other links to this most enduring and hilarious of stories.

As a refresher, here is Bluegill’s summary.

First, there was a request to place a piano on a public sidewalk in New Albany; a fun, harmless, and completely normal happening around the world. Then there were months of city officials sidestepping and ignoring that request. Then there were additional weeks and multiple meetings of artificially constructed and wholly irrelevant hurdles put in place. Then there was media attention and, by New Albany standards, an expression of public support for the piano and exasperation with the City sizable enough to embarrass the officials involved. And then there was finally approval, with an almost equally embarrassing rearguard attempt to claim officials had supported it all along. I wish any of that was out of the ordinary but it’s a near perfect example of what ordinary is here, even and especially when the stakes are much higher. Playing a new tune couldn’t be any more welcome.

And the links …

Bored of Works no more: Today at 4:00 p.m., the New Albany Street Piano becomes a reality.

Fundamentally delayed: The New Albany Street Piano “Grand Opening” is Saturday, September 5.

Celebrate the New Albany Street Piano, while remembering Team Gahan’s dismal reaction to it.