Local pretend Democrats joyful as Jeff Gahan offers to demolish homeless camps in exchange for more pretty downtown landscaping.


If local Democrats have no intention of protesting their mayor’s eight-year record of abuses committed against the community’s less fortunate — has a single ranking Democrat spoken publicly about Team Gahan’s breathtaking lies in the lead-up to demolishing the Silver Creek homeless encampment? — then perhaps the rest of us should protest against the Democrats. One effective way of doing this arrives in November.

The Floyd County Democratic Party has abandoned any semblance of principle save the ironclad imperative of preserving pay-to-play political patronage in New Albany. A friend said it best yesterday at Facebook:

The destruction of this homeless camp was ordered by New Albany mayor Jeff Gahan (D) who is up for re-election this November. I urge my New Albany friends who vote Democrat to make an exception this fall, and vote for his opponent, Republican Mark Seabrook. Jeff Gahan is a thoroughly corrupt politician.

For the record, my friend Roger (“NA Confidential”) Baylor is an independent with a strong leaning towards European-style social democracy, but like me, has found common cause with local Republicans on many local issues.

The News and Tribune’s Boyle does fine work with this story.

WATCH: New Albany homeless camp demolished, by John Boyle

NEW ALBANY — A homeless camp along Silver Creek in New Albany was demolished by city crews Monday …

 … Marcy Garcia, a volunteer with Hip Hop Cares, has been helping those living in the camp since last winter. The reason the site came to the attention of city officials, she believes, was a fire that took place in one of the structures roughly five weeks ago.

“I think the fire brought it to light,” Garcia said. “I think that’s really what gave attention to this camp. It was a pretty major fire that happened, and it brought attention, not only to them, but it makes people question the city of New Albany about the homeless population” …

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Gahan’s boom that crashed: “Quite the tab (for taxpayers) for making vulnerable people’s lives harder.”

Exit 0’s Paul Stensrud pulls zero punches v.v. Gahan’s violence against the homeless: “In order for things to change there needs to be a change of hands within local government.”