Gahan’s boom that crashed: “Quite the tab (for taxpayers) for making vulnerable people’s lives harder.”

Looks flaccid to us. Time for an Rx?

Damn. I missed the self-congratulatory post-homeless camp demolition pep rally. Wish I could have been there for the popping of corks.

NAC reader DS posted the photograph above in response to social media speculation about the street department’s casualties in yesterday’s assault on the homeless encampment by Silver Creek.

“The boom didn’t malfunction, it crashed. It will need serious repairs. Another financial hit.”

Frequent reader KC replied:

“Wow. That’s going to be quite the tab for making vulnerable people’s lives harder.”

UPDATE: It turns out that Wednesday is a national holiday with deep significance as it pertains to the mayor’s customary attitude toward the less fortunate. Perhaps this explains yesterday’s hurried conclusion.

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Exit 0’s Paul Stensrud pulls zero punches v.v. Gahan’s violence against the homeless: “In order for things to change there needs to be a change of hands within local government.”