Exit 0’s Paul Stensrud pulls zero punches v.v. Gahan’s violence against the homeless: “In order for things to change there needs to be a change of hands within local government.”


It appears that Jeff Gahan is as adept at co-opting the Homeless Coalition of Southern Indiana as he has been in snookering Purported Progressives into hand-feeding him grapes. Gahan has picked a side he can control; if Dear Leader could bulldoze Exit Zero as a concept, then he’d do that, too.

Gahan is pathology, not policy.

Watch the video, and ponder the true nature of Gahan’s “compassion.” Has a single ranking Democrat spoken publicly about the housing camp demolition?

DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party chairman releases stunning statement about Gahan’s violent homeless encampment takedown today — and more on our Dear Leader’s drumpf envy.

Industry and compassion? Hardly. Jeff Gahan refers to public housing as a “compound.” He has prisons on the brain, not affordable housing.

Does a New Albany homeless encampment by Silver Creek exist if a blind mayor can’t see it?