DemoDisneyDixiecratic Party chairman releases stunning statement about Gahan’s violent homeless encampment takedown today — and more on our Dear Leader’s drumpf envy.


What, you expected actual words?

For the real poop, read the Courier-Journal: After 3-day delay, New Albany tears down secluded homeless camp.

For the self-serving bullshit, read Jeff Gahan’s re-election page: But the beautiful people all love me dearly.

The Aggregate is working on a story. As of mid-afternoon today, the News and Tribune didn’t even know there was a story.

And this is my take:

“What you permit, you promote. What you allow, you encourage. What you condone, you own.”

I’ve been trying my best to begin the process of disengagement from local politics. 15 years is enough, and I need a break; besides, it’s become very tedious constantly doing the GOP’s job of articulating the resistance to idiocy when I’m a damnable socialist, not a Republican.

That said, my conscience precludes silence in the instance of Jeff Gahan’s horrid “information” about “industry and compassion” with regard to the community’s less fortunate. The statement, albeit composed by a bootlicking minion, was anything but helpful.

Petulant, flatulent and disingenuous comprise the tip of the iceberg; Gahan’s reference to the public housing “compound” might be recent history’s most revealing Freudian slip. When Donald Trump emits like-minded tweets, our city’s Democrats are gravely offended, screaming and howling, but when their (Democratic?) mayor follows suit the only sounds we hear are pins dropping, crickets chirping and the mournful wail of an underfed mutt off in the distance.

As a friend astutely observed, Team Gahan’s absence of “protocol” simply means they can do as they please about a homeless encampment, either look the other way or dial up the dozers, all without a trace of a political, philosophical or humanitarian rationale. Just the sheer whimsy of C-minus students on a power trip with plenty of Jorge Lanz’s money.

Don’t look at me. He’s YOUR mayor, not mine, Democrats.

It’s far past time for a reality check amongst those of you fancying yourselves progressive or liberal or whatever, because Gahan’s stance with respect to your fellow citizens most in need of a boost — exemplified by but not restricted to his cynical public housing takeover and of course today’s demolition fetish — has been absolutely abysmal, savagely contradicting any semblance of the “social justice” you claim to be pursuing.

Democrats, I suppose it’s your business supporting a morally bankrupt fraud, even if it’s based on sheer delusion — but maybe you can be less blatantly hypocritical about it?