A reminder: Sherman Minton “Renewal” open house and spoon feeding by the elites occurs tonight at the Calumet Club, 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.


Historically such “listening” meetings have been anything but. They’re glitzy exercises in applying ephemeral lipstick to pre-determined outcomes.

The very appellation “Sherman Minton Renewal” summarizes the ticky-tacky ad man’s propaganda-first approach typical of the governmental elites in this genre.

Let’s face facts, please, because public input is a only a grudging necessity for them, not something they’d tolerate in their ideal world of top-down strangleholds.

BUT perhaps there might someday be an exception

Could this be the one? I’ll be there, and it might be useful to gauge the attendance and functionality of our own New Albany elite cadres.

Sherman Minton Bridge refurbishment: “Construction is scheduled to start in early 2021 and take two to three years.”