One fine anniversary evening at Brooklyn and The Butcher.


Some time back we resolved to observe our 15th wedding anniversary with a visit to Brooklyn and The Butcher. We customarily enjoy eating at the bar, and took our places at the end of it.

The original plan was for drinks and appetizers, but the evening blossomed into a full meal and everything about it was excellent.

I’ve no intention of going into great detail, and it should suffice to say the experience at Brooklyn was well executed at all levels. For us an evening like this is a splurge, and I’m not going to suggest otherwise. Lately we’ve been eating more often at home; cooking always has been enjoyable for me, and a measure of household austerity is necessary for those like us who enjoy traveling. 

My overarching point is gratitude for a variety of dining options in New Albany. While it’s undeniable that we’re not “regulars” at Brooklyn, it’s also true that we have not set foot in one of Louisville’s steak houses since The Butcher opened in 2016.

When “airing it out,” it’s wonderful to have an upper tier establishment within walking distance of the house. Of course at other times microwaving a sausage and dripping mustard on my shirt does the trick.

All most of us ever seek is an element of choice, and thanks to the efforts of so many food and drink entrepreneurs like the Halls (and their contractor partners), this is what we now have in downtown New Albany. We aren’t in a position to support them as often as we like, but we support them as often as we can.

Thanks to everyone at Brooklyn and The Butcher for a great evening.