Mr. and Mrs. Confidential celebrate 15 years of marriage.


As this adventure through life has progressed, we’ve come to understand that there are quite a few opportunities to celebrate in the dead center of summer.

Diana was born on the 5th of July, a day after the 4th of July national birthday, and July 6 is the anniversary of her reclamation of British citizenship. The 21st is our wedding anniversary, and my family reunion (mom’s side) always falls on the same weekend. August 3 is my birthday, and August 1 is Pints&union’s birthday.

Rather than risk giving too little attention to these milestones, we’ve resolved to celebrate for a whole month. It’s the least we can do.

Today (Sunday) was our 15th wedding anniversary. Yesterday we spent in Madison at the reunion, and earlier this evening there was a very fine meal at Brooklyn & The Butcher (There’ll be more to say about this in a separate post).

The traditional 15th wedding anniversary gift is crystal. I hoped we might make do with this photo of the Rogaška Crystal shop in downtown Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we’ll be visiting in November.

They might at least allow a selfie from the sidewalk before rousting us for vagrancy.

Happy anniversary to the missus, my partner in life. We fit, and we complete each other. This is a state of affairs I never imagined having the good fortune to enjoy, and you can bet I’m grateful for it.