It’s Sunday, and the “Jeffersonville Good News and Proselytizing Tribune” has lots of content addressing the publisher’s narrow version of Christianity.


When we first began exposing the pewspaper’s propensity for weekly down home camp meetings (just imagine the Jehovah’s Witness heading for your door but tripping on the rolled-up copy of Tom’s and Nancy’s sermon) one of the staffers replied on Twitter that since some readers are Christian, it’s perfectly acceptable to offer two weekly Sunday evangelism columns.

But of course. Other readers are atheists, pagans or Zoroastrians; some ride motorcycles, savor S&M or birdwatch; there are square dancers, vintage automobile fetishists and stamp collectors.

None of THEM get a single column, much less two, but when it comes to advocating for the one true religion, Bill Hanson pulls the strings and employees who know better have little choice except cringing.

Millenarian sects wait patiently for a reign of holiness that never seems to arrive. Me? I just keep waiting for the newspaper to devote as much space to local Democratic Party corruption as it does to scratching the publisher’s nonsensical itch.

Jeffersonville News and Tribune hits rock bottom as evangelism columnist Tom May argues for theocratic fascism, Pence-style.