Let it be noted: There’ll be no mayoral candidate debates in 2019 because Jeff Gahan fears them.

Gahan ducked primary opponent David White –twice.

Someone asked a question of Mayor Jeff Gahan.

“Dear Mayor Gahan: As a councilman, you condemned no-bid contracts. Why, as an 8-year pay-to-play mayor, has your administration set the gold standard for no-bid contracts?”

A predictable silence ensued.

It sounds very much like a question Gahan would duck at a debate, except entities like the News and Tribune or the League of Women Voters wouldn’t ask it.

The problem isn’t that Gahan would duck the question during a debate. It’s that he’ll duck the debate itself, and we all know it. In 2015 Gahan refused to debate both his challengers.

He’ll do it again in 2019. You can bet on it.