Turd (not) on the run. File under “Viking droppings.”


I saw the article and thought of the song. Let us turn now to York, England for a most unusual musem exhibit.

Lloyds Bank Coprolite: An incredibly well-preserved piece of ninth-century Viking poop (Atlas Obscura)

This piece of fossilized Viking poop is so well-preserved, one paleoscatologist called it as “precious as the crown jewels.” Archaeologists have dated the dung back to the ninth century, when what’s now York was ruled by Norse warrior-kings.

This coprolite (human feces) was discovered in 1972 in York under what was to become a local bank. As such, it’s been named the Lloyds Bank coprolite, or more colloquially, the Lloyds Bank turd …

And don’t forget this one:

We all do it, so learn more about it: “The Toilet: An Unspoken History.”