Yep, “A Police Shooting Gives the Lie to Buttigieg’s Campaign Narrative.”


If Joe Biden can be VP, there’s nothing stopping Mayor Pete — except that if the Democrats nominate the sort of candidate likely to choose Mayor Pete as VP, Trump will win re-election.

Just try to imagine Jeff Gahan’s probable handling of such municipal matters (his inept public housing putsch gives you a pretty good idea of his attitude) amid the veneration of local Dickeyite neoliberals, and the basic disconnect is easy to see. It’s all surface sheen deflecting attention from functional vacancy.

Maybe Gahan can move to South Bend and be Pete’s vice-mayor.

A Police Shooting Gives the Lie to Buttigieg’s Campaign Narrative, by Jeet Heer (The Nation)

Black voters are wary of Mayor Pete, for good reasons.

… In announcing his candidacy, Buttigieg said, “But I would also argue that we would be well served if Washington started to look more like our best run cities and towns rather than the other way around.” The implication is that South Bend was one of the “best run” cities. Now Buttigieg has to acknowledge that he’s failed in dealing with one of the pressing municipal problems of our time, police violence.

But Buttigieg’s problems go even deeper. Buttigieg has often touted South Bend’s diversity and economic success. But the shooting of Eric Logan has exposed the fact whatever economic success South Bend enjoys has been unevenly distributed, with a glaring racial divide persisting.