A reader writes: “God sent me there,” although the rest isn’t quite as clear.


Gradually over time discussions engendered by NAC blog posts have shifted to social media. These days not many comments are appended to original posts, but occasionally one appears — and every now and then it’s so thought-provoking that it simply must be repeated in this space.

Like this one. It’s a comment made only yesterday to a blog post from August 18, 2018: “Rev. Bernice Hicks, founder of Christ Gospel Church, dies.”

God sent me there after being on the road with skynyrd first tase of jesus i really got was with a man Randy cutlip came to our school i was in 7 grade he was in three dog knight band didn’t listen much but learned how god set him free no church no preacher he whent to voodoo lady she told him to say theses words light 3 candles and a dead musian would fill his soul he lit the candles black cloud appears then a bright light comes into the room he blew out the candles and reached for the light of jesus thank god he did jesus and him saved my life. The next year i was in 8 grade. I came home there was randy cutlips van world wide bread casting company. All man school told him i was bad selling pot at school. So i went smoked a joint out side my room then went in pulled my dad into the kictchen dad what this guy doing here well son we are host family for him to stay here while he goes through the schools and churches kool i start to go my room he walks behind me he is staying in my room i turn around he i know the basses in that band lynyrd skynyrd really i said he said if you would like come this summer help set up tape record t shirt sales you can meet him ok i said he came and got me that summer we went church camp first as we get out of van some kids up to him brother Randy this girl is laying down with the boys putting spells on them then this boy comes up tells his story that somthing came over him and he wanted it gone they got more people to pray with him he falls to the ground starts sweating gallons of water comes out deamens start to appears in demond voices you cant make me leave he had 16 demons castesed out of him wow did i start to pray read my bible i was listening to every word brother Randy had to say. I wanted what he had a true relationship with christ not a church not preacher jesus and him a lone going to finish the book me and started to do my ministery is called beat the streets ministry i dont have big fancy church with coffee shop or day care i am in street with the sinners the drunks the lady of the knight the vetrans most important of all the children of all black white yellow brown we all have jesus blood pray for some one every day you can see the hurt the sadness on there faces by them lunch pray with with them it cost nothing. If a man or woman can see a problem decern that problem. We are obligated to become part of the solution. That is the price of freedom to me god bless i do give testimony in churches god bless.

I’ve no idea what to add. J, is that you?