Riding the rails in Europe: “My return to Interrailing 30 years on.”

1985, Greece.

I miss the clickety-clack, to be honest. Trains need to be trains, not airplanes.

Back on track: my return to Interrailing 30 years on (The Guardian)

Dixe Wills repeats his teenage Interrail odyssey, at a more leisurely pace this time, pausing to reflect on the unique opportunity the 31-country pass offers


Dixe Wills did it 30 years ago with an Interrail pass (European users only). My first experience came 34 years ago with a Eurailpass.

I’d do it again, tomorrow. Actually, I’d do it again tomorrow assuming I could afford a month or two in Europe riding trains while indulging my twin vices of beer and local cuisine.

Two days here, three there; a nice ride in between, with a picnic basket and adult beverages.

And the occasional museum.

The nostalgia is killing me.