BEER WITH A SOCIALIST: Our Lady of Perpetual Hops foresees a mid-summer debut.


It isn’t unusual for a year or more to elapse before a brewery comes to fruition. It’s a great deal of work.

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The idea for Our Lady of Perpetual Hops first came to light in early 2018, and I suppose the only change is the brewing equipment finding a home in the industrial park prior to the establishment of the Paoli Pike location in Floyds Knobs.

OLPH is hoping to be open in July, so we’ll return to the topic then. Best of luck to them in the interim. Reporter Boyle does a solid job with this newspaper overview, although somehow the name of Rob Pappas is omitted. I’m told he’s still involved, though.

New brewery to bring unique beer experience to New Albany, by John Boyle

Our Lady of Perpetual Hops to open this summer in Grant Line Industrial Park

This summer, a new hangout spot for beer lovers is coming to town.

Unlike other local breweries, however, Our Lady of Perpetual Hops is a bit off the beaten path, located in the Grant Line Industrial Park just past Indiana University Southeast.

Proprietors Tanner Wortham and Kyle Richmer said the idea to start the brewery and taphouse, which they hope to open in July, started as somewhat of a joke before blossoming into a full-blown business …