Gahan’s street grid sausage-making: CNA 27 tour attendees, please help us — New Albany is being held hostage by New Urban Imposters.


Today’s the 14th, and perfect weather for New Albany’s leadership cadres to mislead people — and make no mistake, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing.

Gahan, Rosenbarger set to go full frontal Pinocchio about their urbanism credentials when the Congress for the New Urbanism 27 meets in Louisville June 11-15.

If any CNA 27 attendees are reading this note, and you plan to tag along on the New Albany tour this afternoon, please do me this one small favor: ask questions of these serial liars.

  • Why the beg buttons? 
  • Why the Main Street beautification median?
  • Why the reformatted Market Street median? 
  • Where are the bike lanes?
  • Why so many fading sharrow markings?
  • What’s the reason for the plethora of routinely ignored pedestrian crossing beg-button-flashing-light “permission” stations? 
  • Why is the traffic still moving so damned fast? 
  • Isn’t there more to walkability than bright shiny beautification projects?

They won’t so much as attempt to answer, and you’ll probably be hustled off to detention with the police chief.

But please try. Gahan’s street grid bait ‘n’ switch is abhorrent, and the emperor is unclothed.