Pints & Union Portfolio: Drink a pint of Akasha Otterburn English Brown tonight and I’ll match the pub’s dollar donation to The Food Literacy Project.


If you’re in the vicinity of downtown New Albany today after opening at 4:00 p.m., consider stopping by Pints&union and enjoying a pint of Akasha Otterburn English Brown.

We have ten fine drafts, but here’s why I’m recommending just one of them.

At Pints&union there’s a new Thursday innovation for Pint Night, in which pub staff selects a charity/nonprofit to feature on a monthly basis, and we donate a dollar to it from every regularly priced draft beer sold on Thursday.

Concurrently these programs and projects also have a weekly platform to educate and inform the good folks who frequent the pub.

During the month of June we’re partnering with The Food Literacy Project, which provides farm-based experiential education and entrepreneurial youth development programs aimed at bringing the field-to-fork experience to life for Louisville area youth. Last Tuesday we sold around 100 pints, which means that roughly $100 is headed to The Food Literacy Project.

Tonight (Thursday, June 13) I’m personally sweetening the deal: Drink a pint of Akasha’s lovely Otterburn English Brown Ale and I’ll match the pub’s donation, dollar to dollar. If we sell 20 pints of Otterburn, then The Food Literacy Project gets $40. It’s a great beer for an equally great cause. 

Here’s the whole draft lineup.