Hospitality biz scores big in NA Confidential’s Top Ten list of articles in May


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As always, the previous month’s most-viewed list begins with ten “honorable mention” posts, before concluding with the Top Ten, escalating to No. 1.



Cars FAST, speed testing slooooow as Deaf Gahan looks forward to the year 2026 for traffic calming measures downtown.

It took six months for HWC Engineering’s deliberate abacus to register sufficient “results” which may or may not correspond with what we see with our own two eyes each day.

These “results” now will be compared to precinct vote totals to ensure Jeff Gahan’s dwindling support isn’t compromised by drivers infuriated at a two-minute delay to cross town.

But even as we speak, the speed pandering test has being shifted to Market and Elm Streets.


Deaf Gahan somehow finds fresh, creative ways to insult Mt. Tabor Road residents.


ON THE AVENUES: Where do we go from here?

One Gahan functionary, evidently disturbed by the imminent prospect of a job loss, happily took to Facebook to celebrate, crediting God herself for preserving pay-to-play patronage in our fair town.

It would have been the ideal occasion for a gospel choir “come-to-Duggins” moment, except that during Gahan’s 16-year career of mind-numbing mediocrity he’s done almost nothing to empower minority rights and advancement in this city.

“He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”?

Perhaps, but for now Deaf is most fond of “Disneyland Uber Alles.”


Jeff Gahan’s slick newspaper ad claims the city profits from River Run waterpark. If so, why won’t he show us the financials so we can see for ourselves?

Here’s the text of the ad. Note that during the River Run waterpark’s four previous years of operation, financials have yet to be released in spite of numerous requests to view them. These would address profit-and-loss realities. Wouldn’t YOU like to know how much money the fire department transfers monthly to the parks department as “rent” for its station on Daisy Lane, such to (maybe) balance the books?


ON THE AVENUES REWOUND: Our great and noble leader soon will be going away, so let’s break out the țuică and make a joyful noise.

The following column was written in 2017 and repeated in 2018. In the year since then, the anchor-laden civic idiocy has continued to proliferate.

We’ve witnessed the final Reisz Mahal luxury city hall fix, the death of a skateboarder on uncalmed city streets, a planned sixty-mile recreational trail to nowhere, David Duggins’ piece-by-piece dismantlement of Riverview Tower, the Colonial Manor public relations catastrophe and Jeff Gahan on the verge of $500,000 in career earnings from pay-to-play political patronage.

NA Confidential has documented Gahan’s bullying of a street department worker and a policeman, and we’ve watched with dismay as the News and Tribune continues to duck, cover and abdicate its responsibility to cover news in New Albany.

There’ve been Kool-Aid blackouts and loaded Rice Krispies Treats freakouts, and all the while the insider Democrats keep doubling down on Dear Leader — and why not? They’re at the apex of a cliquish and privileged pyramid looking down at the people they’re supposed to be serving, but have been too busy implementing Gahan’s luxury enhancement program to give a damn.


In truth, Team Gahan’s politically-motivated ineptitude produced its Colonial Manor fiasco — but neighborhood activists continue “moving forward.”

Because the forever smug Team Gahan’s “process” at Colonial Manor was strictly reactive, with election year political imperatives hastily brought to fruition in order to check the mortal threat of citizen participation, Redevelopment’s proposed purchase price for the Colonial Manor property was higher then the appraisals, legally necessitating the council vote.

As Josh Turner points out, had City Hall taken the time to finesse the price, Redevelopment already would be planning the mixed use development with its chosen no-bid, professionally contracted architects, engineers and consultants, all of whom are eager to tithe to the closed circle of pay-to-play patronage.


Steve Burks is the new Floyd County coroner.

Congratulations to Steve Burks for winning the caucus; if Steve is reading, perhaps once he’s settled into the position we can chat more about what a coroner does and I’ll explain it here.


The old becomes new: Boomtown Kitchen will replace Cox’s — and a glimpse of Floyd County Brewing’s new beer garden.

Boomtown Kitchen is the very same “juicy” rumor I heard from the start, but hell, let’s let the newspaper have this one. It’s a “new concept” from people with restaurant experience; not to nitpick, but the former name of the Barrelhouse in Jeffersonville was Levee, not Levy.

By the way: Levy Pants was Ignatius’ sadsack employer in the comic novel A Confederacy of Dunces.


ON THE AVENUES: Challenges are forever, but downtown New Albany’s food and drink purveyors keep on keeping on.

Concurrently an overview of social media comments, taken in aggregate, suggest that very few of us know how the restaurant business actually works or understand the multi-dimensional dynamic of a (presumably) free market.

But let’s not blame the Internet for this one. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Richard Nixon resigned at roughly the same time Burger King started saying this?

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce. Special orders, don’t upset us. All we ask is that you let us serve it your way.


R.I.P. Richard Lang, a.k.a. Rick, Big Dick Lang and Biggus Dickus. Goodbye, Biggus.

Barrie Ottersbach texted me earlier today with the sad news: At around 1:00 p.m. on May Day, his friend and in-law Richard Lang at last found the Perfect Pint.

Rick passed away after a fight against lung cancer. He was a military veteran, a postal service employee, a serial raconteur, one of the seven original founders of the FOSSILS homebrewing club, longtime patron of the Public House and part of the first tour group I ever “led” in Europe, the Doppelbock Viscosity Tour in March of 1995.



A good deal at Mirin New Albany THIS WEEK.


Low standards in high places, or the way Democrats avoid talking about the excessive costs of Gahanism.

Yes, a strong case can be made that a public official pulling down $125k sans requisite qualifications, driving with expired tags and making excuses for impaired driving, probably should be held to a higher standard.

It must start at the top.

By all rights such standards should emanate from Mayor Jeff Gahan, but we all know they haven’t. From the murky ethics of pay-to-play political patronage to nepotism, from board-packing to a steadfast refusal to hold his underlings accountable for their snark (TASER jokes, anyone?), Gahan has abdicated his responsibility to maintain high standards.


The New Albany branch of Cox’s Hot Chicken is no more.


The former Gospel Bird space on Main Street will house a new eatery called NA Standard.

Always keep your eyes on the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission’s local board information page. It’s a valuable source of information, revealing that the new occupant of the former Gospel Bird space is to be called NA Standard. Further research indicates it will be operated by local food and drink business veterans, which is very good news.


River City Winery news flash: “We’re selling our Pearl Street properties.”

RCW: We’re selling our Pearl Street properties! Serious inquiries only. Message us!

Reader: New location?

River City Winery: We’re currently looking at several locations.


A message from David White.

“From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank all the citizens who participated in the greatest democracy on earth to let their voices be heard on May 7. I’m confident even in our loss that your voices were heard and I was humbled and honored to be your messenger.”


BEER WITH A SOCIALIST: No one asked me, so here’s what should happen next at the former Bank Street Brewhouse.

After ten years in business the New Albanian Bank Street Brewhouse is closing at the end of May. NABC leaves 415 Bank Street considerably better than the company found it when Resch Construction began the building’s renovation in 2008.

What’s done is done, so let’s focus on the future. The sisters and building owner Steve Resch say they’d like to treat the vacated space as a unit, to be taken over as a turnkey.


NABC “winding down” brewing at Bank Street Brewhouse, and Taco Steve “hanging up his apron.”

“We’re winding down our brewing schedule over the next couple months & bowing out of distribution. This, unfortunately, means leaving downtown New Albany too where we’ve been for over a decade.”


Just another driver “flipping” over the beauty of the East Main Street Project median.

#1 (on Facebook)
I rarely use Facebook for stand-alone posts. They’re almost always links to the blog. However on the day Cox’s Hot Chicken closed there was no time to blog, so I posted a photo using my iPhone. It proved to be the closest thing to viral we’ve seen in a while.