A good deal at Mirin New Albany THIS WEEK.


Mirin New Albany is located at 145 E Main, directly opposite 410 Bakery.

  • Read Griffin Paulin’s words below
  • Go to Mirin, and mention his Fb post (the original is here)
  • Pick a dish that’s normally more than $10 — and get it for only $10

Thanks for supporting New Albany’s food and drink community.

We’re still learning about Indiana. Few things!

1. We’re trying to get involved in different organizations, events, meet more people, etc.. So! If you have an event, please tell us how we can get involved. If we can, we *will*. You can stop by and chat in person, call us, or send a message to this page.

2. Our menu is changing next week. We’re still figuring out what does and does not work for the New Albany community. We aren’t getting rid of everything, just altering some stuff, trying some new things out, etc.

3. It’s not been a sweltering start business wise, and we’re at a bit of a crossroads. None of us, not me, not my chefs, not my FOH staff are built to throw in the towel, so we aren’t. We decided we’re investing back in to the restaurant, and, for that reason, and the reasons listed above, I would like to inform you all that, when you mention this post, everything on the menu that is over $10 will cost $10 this week. Spicy Double- $10. Tonkotsu- $10. Burger- $10. Chicken Fourplay- $10. You name it. If it costs more than $10, it is now TEN DOLLARS. If you haven’t tried our food yet, this is the week to do it! If you have and you want a good deal- this is the week to do it! If you hate us and hope we die sad, alone, and full of regrets- come rip us off this week, because we are literally going to make zero dollars on menu items regularly priced over ten dollars (all of which, I will remind you, are TEN DOLLARS THIS WEEK). That’s 100 dimes. 1000 pennies. 200 nickels. 191.3 pesos.

Thanks for reading!

-Griffin, Owner/Operator