The ‘Bune made me do it — or, the late George Carlin on religion.


Last week a friend sent me links to the preceding videos. They gave me a few dozen gut laughs just when irreverent humor was needed most, and probably saved my whole day.

Then a sense of déjà vu gripped me. Sure enough, we’d all been here before — specifically, on June 21, 2015. I’ve no recollection of why the week was bad, and so it goes.

George Carlin, or a temporary antidote to the thoroughly depressing week that was.

By Friday afternoon, I’d just about had it with the humanoids occupying this continent. Fortuitously, I caught a Facebook posting by my friend BM, pointing to a collection of video clips by the late George Carlin.

I sat on the porch with my iPhone, beer in hand, and watched the clips, one after the other. It would be an understatement for the ages to refer to the experience as cathartic.

Curmudgeons unite: I laughed until I cried. It may not work for you, but verily, I needed that.

Remembering George Carlin’s Most Important Jokes, by Johnny Sugar (Uproxx)

George Carlin would have been 78 years old (May 12), and this seems like a great time to look back on some of his best routines. He was a revolutionary comic whose sharp critiques of censorship and organized religion have influenced political and comedic thought for decades. He targeted the orthodoxy and the establishment, always with remarkable success. These Carlin routines showcase him at his best …