Public safety for non-automotive humans? Gahan fails, utterly.


This fellow is a candidate for city council in Cincinnati. Note his words in bold. Can you imagine a New Albanian politician — any New Albanian politician — stating the case this forcefully? Alas, I cannot. The needs of drivers in a narrow sense always outweigh the needs of humans from a broader perspective — and had Jeff Gahan ever understood any of this, would there be a single sharrow painted on a New Albany street, or those idiotic pedestrian crossing lights?

Opinion: Fatalities climb as few changes are made to calm traffic, by Derek Bauman (

The people of Cincinnati are facing a public safety crisis of immense proportions. Since 2013, crashes involving pedestrians are up nearly 50%. Thirty-six pedestrians have been killed in that time.

During 2018, in the city of Cincinnati alone, more than one person a day was struck by a car. As a candidate for Cincinnati City Council in 2017 and crisscrossing our city, I heard a consistent message from residents everywhere. We want safe streets. We want to feel comfortable walking to the neighborhood coffee shop. We want traffic to be calmed. We want road diets. We want drivers to slow down. We want to be able to ride a bike safely. We want more traffic enforcement. We want to feel safe, and our children to be safe, when walking to school.

Despite these pleas for help, not a whole lot changed. It’s been business as usual while the body count continued to climb.