Join me this evening in bidding adieu to Bank Street Brewhouse.


Former Bank Street Brewhouse staffers last night.

Customers and friends tonight.

I was humbled and deeply moved by the turnout Tuesday evening for a farewell to Bank Street Brewhouse organized by Chef Matt Weirich. Thanks to all in attendance for the conversation, memories and spirit. Bank Street Brewhouse was my baby, and as a business entity it was a constant struggle. I’ve always been a very reluctant capitalist, and BSB’s unprofitability proved it.

Artistically there is no doubt BSB was a success, and this is what posterity will note. We had one hell of a five-year run for the original brewery/eatery (2009 – 2014), and there also was much positive to be said about the varied permutations that followed my departure in 2015, through Earth Friends right up to the present with Taco Steve in the kitchen.

It’s abundantly clear to me that the biggest win of all at Bank Street Brewhouse was the way great people came together, both customers and staff. Everyone understands there were bad times in addition to the good, but that’s how families work, acknowledging the rough patches and celebrating when it’s right.   

Last week I addressed the Facebook community with the suggestion that friends and onetime Bank Street Brewhouse customers join me for a final pint this evening (Wednesday, 22 May). Consider yourself invited. I’ll be there circa 6 pm – 8 pm.

Cheers, everyone!