GREEN MOUSE SAYS: They’re still illegally parked, but finally those Williams Plumbing safety hazards have been removed from Spring Street.


I’ve been outspoken about this situation for quite some time, and summarized the case in this post from February 9, 2019.

And like a blight neighbor, Williams Plumbing is there … for years, and years, and years.

You’ll never be able to convince me otherwise: Blocked sight lines caused by an illegally parked Williams Plumbing commercial vehicle were a contributing factor in Matt Brewer’s death-by-driver last August.

Recently I noticed the trucks no longer were being parked on the street in front of the business. They’re now usually lined up on 9th, north of Spring. This remains illegal according to the city’s ordinances, which plainly are written to require commercial vehicles to have off-street parking.

However, at least these vehicles no longer block sight lines at the intersection. The Green Mouse inquired and was told that it wasn’t police, ordinance enforcement or somnolent councilman Greg Phipps to credit for taking the lead in removing the safety hazard posed by these illegally parked trucks, but rather Mickey Thompson, New Albany’s street department commissioner.

Fairness dictates a round of applause and a “thank you” to Mickey for addressing this.