Today’s Taco Walk is sold out, but maybe Stub Hub can be of assistance.


For those of you purchasing tickets to today’s Taco Walk, it is with all sincerity and enthusiasm that I encourage you to enjoy the event, and to see what independent small businesses are doing to reshape our historic downtown business district. 

If you’re enjoying adult beverages, please quaff responsibility. 

Now part two, and a link from 2017.

C’mon, DNA: The time has come. A fact’s a fact. Taco Walk belongs to her. Why not give it back?

As a curmudgeon I won’t apologize for having a long memory, with an attention span extending past the 48-second percentile, so henceforth you’ll be reminded each year prior to Taco Walk that Develop New Albany’s first iteration of this event in 2017 was a low water mark. I’d gently suggest that DNA atone for its past errors by promoting gatherings other than ones resulting from the shameless pilferage of intellectual property — say, a seminar on cultural appropriation.

You can follow the link if you’d like to learn more.