GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Here’s a little bit more about Phyllis Garmon’s independent mayoral campaign in 1991.


Yesterday we glanced into the rearview mirror at the independent 1991 mayoral candidacy of Phyllis Garmon, asking if readers could fill in the details given that Garmon did quite well in a losing bid for office.

1991: Democrat Doug England (4,785) defeats Independent Phyllis Garmon (4,154) and Republican Kenny Keilman (2,344).
Total votes: 11,283
Percentage: 42 – 37 – 21

Last night the Green Mouse received this background information from a veteran of the political scene in New Albany.

Garmon was the founder and owner of Key Communication. Key was the most prolific company in the area at the time with 300 employees and $30 million in annual sales.

She was one of the first highly recognized, self-made women New Albany and a founding member of Northside Christian Church. Key Communications employees and church members worked for her 1991 campaign in huge numbers.

Garmon was a multi-millionaire, earning around $6.5 million per year, and she spent over $100,000 in 120 days in 1991 on her campaig, the largest amount ever spent at the time.

The Republican Party “owed” the mayor’s nomination position to Kenny Keilman because he was a councilman and had “waited his turn” so to speak. Garmon did not like this fact, to put it mildly. She knew she was more qualified, so so she went independent, proving again that the two major parties seldom pick the most qualified person to run our community’s most important business — because Parties First!

In 2019 Mark Seabrook is not the most qualified, either. He has waited for his turn and his time. Mark is a safe choice. However, he is the most popular person in local politics and well known city- and county-wide because of his funeral home business. This year’s race is all about PARTY, power and control, qualified or not, and so let the defense of the ALAMO begin.