Pints&union garners an outstanding review in the Courier-Journal.


Back in prehistoric times, through at least the dawn of the World Wide Web, these Courier-Journal reviews were disproportionately important. Susan Reigler’s review of the original Rich O’s Public House in 1994 helped “break” us to a wider audience — and on the Saturday evening after the review came out in the Scene, the deluge “broke” my damned back, although it was worth it in the long run.

I’m also reminded of the late, great Keith Moon’s description of himself.

I’m the best Keith Moon-style drummer in the world.

Pints&union will be a year old on August 1, and we’ve already stayed entirely true to Joe’s founding principles while evolving tremendously during this short time. It doesn’t particularly matter whether we’re English, Irish or New Albanian, only that we remain the best Pints&union-style pub in the region.

Because I’m a miscreant and a laggard, the C-J has me boxed out of seeing the review; I actually read the piece on Calvin’s phone. Here’s the link for those of you able to make the connection through yonder pay wall.

Hop across the river for the best British pub this side of the pond at Pints & Union.