Five post-primary thoughts in stream-of-consciousness format.


There’ll be more as I try to catch up with my life.

Lots of fringe area residents wanted to vote, but couldn’t because they live in the county, not the city — but the city defines their terms of daily engagement. In truth, they wanted to vote against Jeff Gahan. I’m sure Squire Adam has duly taken note and will continue to take whatever steps are necessary to exclude them.

Democrats have little consistent grasp of usage. The word “Republican” can be used as an adjective or noun, but even a donkey should now that “Democrat” is a noun and “Democratic” an adjective. But still I hear self-described Democrats insisting they belong to the “Democrat” party. Maybe Susie can help you with that.

Jason Applegate scored more votes than Gahan, placing him in a good position to win a council at-large seat, probably at the expense of David Aebersold. Unfortunately he did so without revealing a single position on anything, apart from enthusiastically representing the ascendant “beautiful people” wing of the DemoDisneyDixecratic (not DemoDisneyDixiecrat) party.

David White may have lost, but he honored the Democratic (not Democrat) party’s platform of supporting the little guy against big money. It was White’s “People First” versus Gahan’s “Luxury Beautiful Connected People First,” and the latter won — because for all his numbing stupidity, Gahan at least understands greed and knows where the real money lies.

For those who recall what newspapers used to be, and how they once participated in the electoral process, perhaps the biggest loser in the 2019 primary is the News and Tribune. It claims to identify with the community (but which one?), then provides scant to non-existent coverage of an election; when turnout scrapes rock bottom, can’t it be said that the newspaper actually ignored the community and was complict in low voter turnout?