Is there anything He can’t do? Deaf Gahan patents new concrete mix for municipal use.


You may recall “Rearden Metal” from Ayn Rand’s well-nigh unreadable novel Atlas Shrugged.

In Philadelphia, Hank Rearden, a self-made steel magnate, has developed an alloy called Rearden Metal, which is simultaneously lighter and stronger than conventional steel.

Rand’s bizarre take on eroticism finds Rearden’s lover Dagny Taggart getting an orgasmic charge from a bracelet made with Rearden Metal.

Meanwhile back here in Nawbany, Gahan Concrete is a mixture of aggregates and paste. The aggregates are sand, gravel and crushed stone; the paste is Kool Aid and portland cement — with a pinch of loaded Rice Krispies Treats.

By the way, there is a real-life Reardon company (with a “o”, not an “e”).

I wonder if they make bracelets?

Democratic mayoral candidate David White understands that change begins with a whole lotta scrubbing, and NA Confidential advocates just such a deep civic cleansing. 

After eight years on the job, Mayor Jeff Gahan’s list of stunning “achievements” is long, indeed: tax increasesbudgetary hide ‘n’ seekself-deificationdaily hypocrisy, public housing takeovernon-transparencypay-to-play for no-bid contracts, bullying city residents and bullying city employees. Eight years is enough. It’s time to drain Gahan’s swamp, flush his ruling clique and take this city back from Gahan’s Indy-based special interest donors. 

NA Confidential supports David White for Mayor in the Democratic Party primary, with voting now through May 7