Early voting locations today and next Saturday. Let’s #FlushTheClique and #FireGahan2019


EARLY VOTING SATURDAYS – April 27 and May 4, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Floyd County Clerk’s Office
311 Hauss Square, Room 235

4-H Fairgrounds
2810 Green Valley Road

Sojourn Church
2023 Ekin Avenue

Floyd County Library
180 W. Spring Street

Silver Street Park
2043 Silver Street

Trinity United Methodist
2796 Charlestown Road

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
415 E. 8th Street

Democratic mayoral candidate David White understands that change begins with a whole lotta scrubbing, and NA Confidential advocates just such a deep civic cleansing. 

After eight years on the job, Mayor Jeff Gahan’s list of stunning “achievements” is long, indeed: tax increasesbudgetary hide ‘n’ seekself-deificationdaily hypocrisy, public housing takeovernon-transparencypay-to-play for no-bid contracts, bullying city residents and bullying city employees. Eight years is enough. It’s time to drain Gahan’s swamp, flush his ruling clique and take this city back from Gahan’s Indy-based special interest donors. 

NA Confidential supports David White for Mayor in the Democratic Party primary, with voting now through May 7