Gahan’s first quarter CFA-4 has been filed, and it’s another massive, quivering edifice of pay-to-play cash.


There is another $21,460 in the bank for Dear Leader, a full 35% of it coming from a $7,500 honker of a donation from Jorge Lanz — this time skulking behind a different corporate alias.

Added together with his de facto city department (Jacobi Toombs & Lanz), this pushes Lanz over the $40,000 mark in lifetime pay-to-play love offerings to Gahan, eclipsing Clark Dietz’s previous first-place total.

In fact, many of the heavy hitters are absent from Gahan’s first quarter report, which points to two conclusions.

1. With $128,000 already in hand at the beginning of the year, Gahan had enough cash to absorb $40,000 in expenditures from January through March (only $16,000 net expenditures).

2. Gahan has been sufficiently untroubled by his opponent David White to allow his heaviest donors to keep counting spare change in preparation for the generl election in November.

Gahan’s expenditures include a whopping $13,550 to EMC Research, located far outside the city limits in Columbus, Ohio.

Note the scratching of backs: Gahan gave $3,000 to ProMedia, which promptly returned $1,000 of it.

We’ll be back when there is time to further analyze the numbers, but the conclusion is obvious: Gahan’s pay-to-play campaign finance Shop-Vac is alive and well.