Moooving Forward, Part One: But if flood protection requires “improvement” now, was it inadequate before, and why did “improvement” take eight whole years?


Having surveyed Gahan’s pre-election flood protection boasts, a regular reader submitted this comment.

So if the Ohio River floods the chances of it going over flood wall are what? Meanwhile, with all the unrestricted development and piss poor maintenance of the creeks and waterways in the city, in 2012 my house was declared to be in a flood zone. Backyards at the bottom of the Daisy and Linda road area practically disappear.

Ah, but we can hear Deaf Gahan’s reply coming from Mike Hall somewhere deep within the Down Low Bunker:

“That’s a completely different type of water which is resistant to hyperbole, and besides, who are you in collusion with?”

Of course the heralding of anything “new and improved” should be followed by a rather obvious question: Does this mean your product was inadequate prior to the upgrades?

Then there’s the frequent co-mingling of public money and private campaign donations, a fact never quite as obvious as when Jeff Gahan awakens in a boastful mood and blasts essentially the same blurb twice on social media from “different” accounts.

Wait, “mood” isn’t the right word. It should be “moo.”

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