Idiot Wind: Gahan voters rejoice as heroic street-closure rescues Reisz-Stag from litter, though not from rampant public disdain and derision.

No soiled diapers were left behind.

As Grandpa Jones always reminded us, truth is stranger than fact.

But don’t worry, folks. City Hall insists that Jeff Gahan’s multi-million-dollar romper room for government employees will be completed on schedule (September 2019).

Have I mentioned that David White intends to examine “wants” with an eye toward eliminating the ones that don’t pass muster as “needs”?


ON THE AVENUES: Government Lives Matter, so it’s $10,000,000 for Gahan’s luxury city hall clique enhancement. Happy dumpster diving, peasants!

The Reisz cost commitment already has topped $10,000,000 in a city where perhaps a quarter of the residents live below the poverty line; where Gahan and his new unofficial deputy mayor and slavish devotee David Barksdale are eager to demolish half of the city’s public housing units; and where city hall has yet to mention aloud minor details like the opioid epidemic, the accompanying rise in thievery and petty crime, homelessness, and the worsening plight of our city’s working poor.

The sloganeering is so oppressive that a Trump rally seems like the knitter’s circle coffee klatsch by comparison.