There’s a 4-way stop at Elm and 13th. The only question is whether it came with a ribbon.


Does this mean the forever variably apolitical Develop New Albany is endorsing candidate Phipps? Let’s follow the Facebook sharing protocol of the presumed non-profits. First, from DNA back to ESNA.

Then ESNA to the source.

It’s an election year, and candidate Phipps says he has been “working with the city for several months,” as back-room and non-transparently as always, to get a 4-way stop at Elm and 13th.

Fair enough; it’s been needed not for months, but for YEARS. After almost eight years of rubber-stamping City Hall expenditures, it’s always good to achieve something.

So, ignoring the pertinent question of why Phipps took so long to work behind the scenes, and why his cherished overlord the mayor took so long to give his “superstar” BOW mentor Warren the okay to release this intersection just in time to become a nice pre-primary poll-boost, there’s an absolutely positive aspect to all this electioneering.

That’s because the same Democrats who dragged their feet for months before making this needed change so a Democrat could take re-election campaign credit for it can no longer be the same Democrats resisting similar proposals (hint: 4-ways for Spring and 10th; for Main and Bank; rinse, repeat) because the statute of limitations has expired for the same Democrats who oft times before used the completely spurious excuse of a need for traffic studies and INDOT indulgences to avoid mustering the simple one-two cojones to do what’s right.

All of which Phipps never questioned until his passive acquiescence to Gahan’s hack job on Speck’s plan produced tepid two-way street grid results.

But hear me out; this 4-way at Elm and 13th is genuinely important.

Finally a 4-way precedent has been set, so let’s hope future action to #slowthecars might someday occur when it ISN’T an election year.

Dude; that’d almost be PROGRESSIVE, wouldn’t it?