9.3 million tons of dangerous coal ash right here in Anchor City? Good thing it’s not a campaign issue.


The president said something stupid about wind power, which prompted Deaf Gahan to tweet.

Google divulges little about this situation. There’s this from the Indy Star last July: ‘Disastrous consequences’: EPA changes to toxic coal ash rules could hurt Hoosiers.

What’s the plan for our ultimate neighborhood brownfield? What does it mean for us? All I’m hearing are pins dropping and crickets chirping.

Previously on July 4, 2018:

Dan Coffey wasn’t making it up: 500,000 truck trips would be necessary to remove Duke’s toxic coal ash from the Gallagher plant’s ponds.

Coffey warned against Duke shirking the clean-up of highly toxic coal ash, and also mentioned that removing the coal ash might require 500,000 truck trips over a period of years.

There were guffaws and the rolling of eyes, but Coffey was right. Here’s the source from May, 2017. Did you read it? I didn’t.

And May 15, 2017:

Tonight is the public meeting about Duke Energy’s coal ash disposal. Gahan to send summer intern with information about the Bicentennial Park Concert Series.

C’mon, you know exactly what Team Gahan is thinking: just get on with the power plant decommissioning, and those outlawed public housing residents can be placed there, safely out of view.