Slip sliding away, Vol. 1: A desperately Deaf Gahan seeks to divert your attention from Mt. Tabor malfeasance by attacking the citizenry for doing their homework. Voters, call his arrogant bluff.

True story.

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GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Deaf Gahan may be juiced to the bejeezus-belt on donor cash, but he’s not getting any votes from the Mt. Tabor Road construction zone, is he?

As of 12:00 noon on Tuesday morning, there’s been nary a peep in Hanson’s Folly (periodically known as the News and Tribune) about revelations offered near the end of last evening’s city council meeting about the project only Deaf Gahan could have so pompously named: The Mt. Tabor Road Restoration and Pedestrian Safety Project.

Perhaps this is to be expected given the tendency by publisher and editor to allow Gahan’s in-house propaganda commissariat to write and pre-approve New Albany stories for them.

In turn, failures of duty like this are why stakeholders living on and near Mt. Tabor Road have been compelled to devote inordinate amounts of time completing the same sort of homework Gahan never bothered with in school, having still not cracked open a book since he took up permanent residence in the Oval Crooked Office.

For eight years prior to running for mayor, Gahan constantly was running for mayor. As witnessed by his pay-to-play campaign finance haul since 2011, Gahan never has stopped running for mayor during all the years since.

The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 20: Buying and selling a city? Our master list of 59 Gahan wheel-greasers is a pornographic potpourri of pay-to-play.

$438,000 surely buys plenty of Rice Krispies Treats and Kool-Aid, although these folkloric medications only worsen the self-delusion, arrogance and hubris that have characterized Gahan’s career in politics.

But we must be honest and concede that while the office may have exacerbated these tendencies, they’ve always existed deep inside the shadowy cranium of an otherwise mild-mannered veneer peddler whose only real achievement since attaining his current position of authoritarian tinpot has been to constantly inflict his will on those who never mistook his dull-witted plodding for inspired genius.

Now during an election year intended by Gahan as royal coronation, it laughably transpires that “running for mayor” is an insult Gahan directs at others, though of course never at himself — and lots of folks who seek municipal contracts are perfectly content to fluff Deaf’s inflated ego as “Democrats” stand idly to the side, pretending they’re progressive.

Of course if a guy like Gahan walked into a tavern every day for seven years, during each visit reminding the patrons of his exalted, divine-right perfection, it’s barely conceivable the regulars might gently mock him while at the same time tolerating his presence as comic relief from a minor eccentric.

Conversely, he might also be kicked out the door and straight to the curb as an obnoxious blowhard.

And so over there stands the mayor, dimly aware that because it’s an election year he can’t duck the media on every question, agreeing to speak with WAVE about an unnecessary road-building project that defines his tenure in office — albeit it NOT the way he thinks it does — then taking this opportunity to trash stakeholders for contesting his exalted, divine-right perfection.

Lest we forget the last time Gahan opened his mouth about this issue.

Click through, read the whole story, and join me as we await the newspaper’s inevitable backpedaling.

Volume 2 here

Back and forth in New Albany over Mount Tabor Road project by Sara Rivest at WAVE-3

Progress on Mount Tabor Road construction questioned

A neighborhood dispute over new sidewalks in New Albany has now spun into debate over where money is being spent and whether it will even be finished as planned.

Those concerns came from a resident who said she’s done her homework, as well as one council member who wanted to hear her out on the Mount Tabor Road project.

Resident Kelly Feiock said she filed a complaint with the Indiana Bureau of Auditors on Monday.

“The intersection and the east side of Mount Tabor Road has been put on hold,” Feiock claimed. “There is no plan, there is no funding.”

Feiock lives on that road, has watched the project unfold and brought what she stirred up to the city council Monday.

“Anybody know why the project was reduced from one mile to a half a mile?” Feiock asked. “Alright, how about $6.5 million that was initially proposed and now its $3.1 million — what happened to the other $3.4 million? Anybody? Seriously? Tell me because you’re the councilmen?!” …