This Barksdale campaign yard sign is misplaced and needs to be moved ASAP to a better location. BTW, we have a suggestion.


This yard sign placement is egregious, don’t you think?

Ah, but the Reisz Mahal Luxury City Hall, which Barksdale’s critical fifth council vote enabled, is a much better location for political self-advertising when it comes to surveying the at-large councilman’s legislative legacy of extravagant expenditures for wants, as opposed to needs.

All those bright, shiny, nicely perfumed objects,  and yet somehow we still have so many neighborhood properties like this one on Oak Street in Greg Phipps’ 3rd council district.

Barksdale doesn’t do much to help in these messy situations, and neither does Phipps, who also voted to rescue city employees from inhumane air-conditioned workspace.

The neighbors living around this house are struggling to contain the blight, without much help from the city.

Maybe if they were government workers …

Amid Gahan’s penchant for opulent municipal luxury, do we even have a word for this vista at 1730 E. Oak Street?