GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Deaf Gahan may be juiced to the bejeezus-belt on donor cash, but he’s not getting any votes from the Mt. Tabor Road construction zone, is he?


As a preface to what follows, the Mouse suggests you take another look at the concluding chapter of NA Confidential’s series surveying the vast sums of money being channeled from out-of-town companies doing business with the city — as exemplified by the grandly Orwellian “Mt. Tabor Road Restoration and Pedestrian Safety Project.”

The Jeff Gahan Money Machine, Part 20: Buying and selling a city? Our master list of 59 Gahan wheel-greasers is a pornographic potpourri of pay-to-play.

What this neighborhood is going through is incredible. We begin with explanations, and follow with photos.

I was quite disturbed by what I found when walking through the construction site on Mt. Tabor yesterday. People should know what is happening to our neighborhood.

1 – The storm water “pipe” along the road is just a small corrugated pipe that has been duct-taped together.

2 – The exit drains to the creek do not run down the hillside. They shoot water (and street garbage) into the creek.

3 – In many areas. The rip-rap that is supposed to slow the water extends only a few feet beyond the exit drain, not the full length of the hillside.

4 – No measures have been take to collect the garbage that will flow out the drain.

The creek is being turned into a landfill!

There can be only one conclusion: #FireGahan2019

As an addendum, NA Confidential has been unable to confirm whether New Albany Mayor Jeff M. Gahan or anyone working in the city’s administration is under federal investigation or indictment for corruption, bribery or racketeering. It is standard policy of the U.S. Justice Department to refuse to confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of investigations or subjects of investigations. A similar policy exists at the F.B.I.