Courtesy of Dan Coffey, the Grant Line Road annexation map that Jeff Gahan doesn’t want you to see.


Current councilman and forthcoming mayoral candidate Dan Coffey (Independent) has made public the map showing the Grant Line Road area north of IU Southeast being projected for annexation by Jeff Gahan’s monetization cadres.

This is the area the city is looking to annex. While we are told not to openly discuss this with the public, I believe we should have an open and transparent government that allows public input to help make a better and informed decision.

Absolutely right. I agree with Coffey and thank him for the map. Here’s a closer look at the pertinent data.

Coffey is correct in observing that much of the annexation discussion so far has been strictly back-channel.

However the topic began leaking out when the NA-FC school corporation’s administrators recently informed the school board, seeing as the corporation must voluntarily accept Grant Line Elementary’s inclusion.

This was the first time most folks became aware of the proposal, although an overview of the annexation plan was discussed at last week’s city council meeting, with all involved stressing that nothing can occur in 2019 because annexations aren’t permitted by the state during pre-census years.

Even yurt-dwellers in Mongolia can see that Team Gahan lusts after the $1.85 million yearly tax haul, but at last week’s meeting Scott “Coulda Been a Contender” Wood explained if the annexation becomes official, there’s a period of three years during which residents in the annexed area are obliged by the state to form some undefined manner of participatory committee and to designate uses for the tax revenue in question; it does not go automatically into city coffers until the fourth year.

Presumably such committees choose for infrastructure improvements designed to bring the suburb into line with the city’s urban “norms.” The word “sprawl” was not mentioned, and personally I’m waiting for this future committee to be immediately infiltrated and neutralized by Dear Leader’s operatives, with these three years of infrastructure cash inevitably going to pay for the projects already planned by Gahan’s campaign finance donors for the vicinity.

Then again, I’m a cynic.

GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Deaf Gahan wants to annex Grant Line Elementary School. Why didn’t the Redevelopment Commission discuss this at its last meeting?

At the end of the day it’s just another example of Gahan’s pathological need for secrecy, and his preference for conducting as much pre-planning as possible outside the public’s eye so the ensuing process is subject to full personal control with no meaningful effort to glean public input. 

Folks living along Mt. Tabor Road, and others attending last week’s Colonial Manor top-down debacle already know this. Fortunately, there’s an antidote to the toxic effects of cash-stuffed envelopes, Rice Krispies Treats and Kool-Aid: #FireGahan2019

By the way, if you’re not following Deaf Gahan on Twitter, you’re missing out:

Brutal satire for a city allergic to it, but still.