PINTS & UNION PORTFOLIO: Central State Brewing Night is Thursday, April 4 at 7:00 p.m.


Next week we’re shining a spotlight on Central State Brewing out of Indianapolis. There was a lineup packaging change after the graphics were done, so beginning on Wednesday April 3 there’ll be cans …

Garden (Leipziger-Style Gose Beer with Lemon Peel)
Table (Rustic Blonde Ale)
Butterfly Kisses (Farmhouse Ale w/Hibiscus Flower)

 … and two special draft beers. Garden and Table are everyday ales, and the others will be gone when depleted, at least for 2019.

Stay Out of the Forest (Hazy India Pale Ale w/ Blood Orange & Lactose Sugar)
Barrel Aged Bashi Farmhouse Barleywine (Farmhouse Barleywine Style Ale Aged in Wine and Bourbon Barrels)

On Thursday, April 4 the Central State crew takes over the upstairs room at Pints & Union for a conspiratorial and enlightening evening with a selection of Smoking Goose Meatery meats and local cheese.

Central State: the only brewery in the state of Indiana focused primarily on the wilder and farmhouse sides of fermentation. Specializing in farmhouse beers, sours and eccentrically hopped IPAs.

Here’s a good bio of Central State’s co-founder and head brewer Josh Hambright.

Starting at the bottom and working one’s way up is Hambright’s recommendation for getting into the brewing business. That way you are exposed to all aspects of the craft. In addition to his experience and reading, he says that collaborations with other brewers have been a valuable source of information. Working for a day in someone else’s space, or having someone work a day in his space affords the opportunity to compare notes and learn different approaches to brewing.

I met Josh six or seven years ago when he was working at Flat12 in Indianapolis, and I know he’ll try to make it down next week if at all possible. Count me as a fan, and come down to Pints&union on the evening of the 4th and see why Central State is so highly regarded by beer enthusiasts.